Welcome to Fairbury Dairy Queen!

Mark & Marcia Campbell, Owners - 411 W. Oak St., Fairbury, Illinois 61739

(815) 692-3728


Everyone in the area knows the Fairbury Dairy Queen!  Mark & Marcia Campbell have successfully owned and operated the Dairy Queen in Fairbury, Illinois since 1991.  Having purchased it from Don Geiselman, the founding operator who opened the store in January,1976, this Dairy Queen is the longest-standing fast food restaurant in Fairbury's history.

Owning his own business was always a goal of Mark's.  Having prior exprience working at another restaurant during high school and college, and then later managing the Fairbury and Chenoa Dairy Queens from 1983-1988, Mark decided to purchase it in 1991.

It became a family business with Mark & Marcia's now-grown children all helping out in multiple capacities during their high school years. 

Mark and Marcia are thankful for the support of customers from Fairbury and the surrounding communities.  They would love to have you stop by and serve you!

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